The Florida Sportsmen United Political Committee was formed for the purpose of raising funds to support statewide and legislative candidates who will support, defend and fight for our hunting and fishing heritage.


While we are currently focused on the 2020 election cycle in Florida, Florida Sportsmen United is here for the long-haul.  The relationships we develop through our support during the election process will benefit sportsmen for years to come.


Your donation is vitally important to our mission of electing sportsmen-minded legislators and statewide officials.  Anti-sportsmen agitators are campaigning for liberal candidates who oppose our way of life.  Please donate today.

Get Involved

In addition to donating, consider volunteering some time to help elect your local legislator who supports our cause.  By showing you care enough to give of your time, your legislator will remember you when sportsmen need his or her help in Tallahassee.

Sandhill Hunt Cl.

A $1000 contribution from Sandhill pushed the committee over the $10,000 mark in fund raising!


FSUPC received a $1000 contribution from North Central FL Dog Hunters Assoc in October!


114 members of the Florida State Dog Hunters Assoc. contributed $1240 to the political committee!

Florida's Capitol

A contribution to the Florida Sportsmen United Political Committee is not tax-deductible, and it is understood by each donor that the funds will be used to support candidates for elected offices and the operations of the committee.

2017 Sponsored by the Florida Sportsmen United Political Committee.

Florida Gator Hunt

Hard to describe the thrill of fighting a 10 foot Florida gator snagged by a treble hook on a rod n reel...