Our political committee will be involved in the following elections... 

Florida's next General Election will take place in November 2020, and will be proceeded by primary elections in August 2020.  These elections will be for members of the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.

Governor of Florida

In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer of our state, the Governor of Florida has a vital role in the management of our wild game and fisheries.  The Governor is solely responsible for selecting the seven individuals who serve as commissioners of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Under Section 9, Article IV of Florida's State Constitution, the FWCC is charged with managing Florida's wild game and fisheries.  FWCC decides what we hunt or fish and when we can do it.  So, the appointments made by our Governor ultimately decide the fate of our hunting and fishing heritage.

Florida Senate and
House of Representatives

In addition to working with their counterparts in the House to pass state policy, members of the Florida Senate also play a role in the approval of FWCC commissioners.  While the Governor appoints the commissioners, the appointment is subject to the confirmation of the Senate.

Sportsmen are fortunate that the FWCC decisions are protected by our State Constitution, but legislative decisions also effect us.  How much we pay for licenses, or the penalties paid by those who violate FWCC rules and regulations are all included in Florida Statute, and it is up to the Legislature to pass such laws.

The Florida Cabinet

In addition to the Governor, the Florida Cabinet is comprised of the Chief Financial Officer, the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Agriculture.

The Cabinet serves as the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, which is a mouthful!  In this role, the group makes all final decisions on the acquisition of state lands, so they are very important players in deciding if we will have land to hunt on or waters to fish in.

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